Topical Laser

Topical Laser Treatment is usually the best option to minimize or eliminate tiny spider veins of the legs.* More women than men get spider veins, especially women taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy.

This a cosmetic issue that is treated with a laser carefully focused on the problem areas. The tiny spider veins coagulate and shrink. Most patients notice an improvement in about a month. Typically, the main side effects are bruising and skin discoloration.


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  • Summary

    Type of anesthesia

    • None

    Length of procedure

    • 20 minutes

    Before the procedure

    • Let your PVC physician know what medicines and herbs you are taking
    • Don't put lotion or cream on your legs the day of the procedure

    After the procedure

    • Avoid the sun or tanning facilities
    • Contact PVC if you have any concerns

    Side effects

    Side effects are similar to those of any surgery, including risks associated with anesthesia.

    • Bruising
    • Skin discoloration
    • Occasionally, burning or scarring

    Insurance coverage

    • Usually not covered